CNAF Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Values
Company Values
  • Integrity is everything

    Integrity is everything

    Upholding the Truth.

    Behavior: Work with honesty. Comply with the prevailing rules and regulations. Walk the talk. Responsible.

  • Put Customer first

    Put Customer first

    Always striving to provide excellent service to the customers while maintaining the Company’s image.

    Behavior: Emphatic interaction with all stakeholders. Solution-oriented. Put the interest of the organization before personal interest. Work hard. Beyond customer expectation.

  • Passion for Excellence

    Passion for Excellence

    Taking action based on high standard and the greatest extend of professional ethics.
    Behavior: Discipline. Passionate/proactive. Target Oriented. Open Minded. Initiative.

  • Strong Commitment

    Strong Commitment

    Agility and ability of each person to align personal behavior to the organization’s need, priority and objective.
    Behavior: Sincere. Have a sense of ownership.

  • Teamwork


    United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
    Behavior: Cooperative. Appreciative. Carefrontational. Share common interest. Collective accountability. Helpful.