Good Corporate Governance

Our dream: become the role model for best practice Corporate Governance


CNAF carries out the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in all aspects within the Company. The implementation of GCG is believed to support and become the standard of good operational basis to establish responsible and sustainable business.


The application of the GCG principles in the Company is in line with the regulations regarding the corporate governance as well as the provisions of the Company’s Articles of Association. The GCG principles implemented in the day-to-day business in all aspects of the Company are:


CNAF ensures transparency and objectivity in any decision-making process to conduct its business activities. CNAF continuously provides material and relevant information concerning the Company in an accessible and understandable manner for each stakeholder.


CNAF consistently works with high accountability and accounts for all of its actions transparently and reasonable for the Company’s interest in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association, legislations in force, business code of conduct, and culture of the Company with due observance of the interest of all stakeholders in order to achieve the sustainable and continuous performance.


CNAF invariably upholds the prudence concept and ensures compliance with the Company’s regulations, Articles of Association, and applicable legislations, as well as performs its social responsibility including care for its employees and public by creating sufficient planning and implementation as to maintain business sustainability and continuity. This principle is the foundation of the Company’s Organ, primarily the Board of Directors, in carrying out the Company’s operations.


CNAF is managed professionally by avoiding any conflict of interest as well as influence and pressure of any party in violation of the prevailing laws and regulations and the principles of a healthy corporation.


CNAF regards the interest of each stakeholder based on the fairness principle pursuant to the appropriate proportion so that no party is adversely affected.

Self-Assessment GCG

As an effort to manage and improve the efficiency of the GCG implementation, GCG self-assessment is a benchmark of the GCG implementation in the Company. Therefore, the Company carries out the self-assessment to continuously improve the function of GCG within the Company in 2017. 
In performing the self-assessment, there are some indicators as the benchmark of the GCG implementation, namely:

  1. Governance Structure
  2. Governance Process
  3. Governance Output

In 2017, the Company conducted its self-assessment twice in the first and second semester of 2017 with overall result of the Corporate Governance as “Good” category.

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